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Contemporary Textile Art Biennial

And here we are arriving at the 5th edition of CONTEXTILE. Between the 5th September and the 25th October 2020, the city of Guimarães, and its territory, will once again be the stage for the Contemporary Textile Art Biennial, an international event.

The city, and the textile community, gradually take over the dynamics of the biennial, enthusiastically welcoming the many national and international artists who visit and participate in each biennial. Counting on the strategic support of the Municipality of Guimarães, the Textile companies, DGartes, among others.

CONTEXTILE 2020 will once again occupy the various cultural spaces and public areas of the city, always with the aim of disseminating what is done best in Contemporary Textile Art, in Portugal and in the world.
Always starting from our challenge of placing textile in the context of contemporary art.

yes, it will happen.

May was the month of readjustments in the Biennial’s schedule in order to maintain the actions planned for Contextile 2020 – Contemporary Textile Art Biennial, and the (re)confirmation of its realization, on the dates initially foreseen, and in accordance with the appropriate health security measures in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.
We thank the artists and Contextile partners for their perseverance, resilience and positive attitude with which they have accompanied us since the beginning, also adjusting to the necessary changes, given the current situation.

We present the final programme of Contextile 2020, based on the idea of “Places of Memory – Interdiscourses of a textile territory” *, being aware of the eventual need for last adjustments that may arise from contingencies in the face of the evolution of the pandemic.

Together, between September 5 and October 25, we will make Guimarães once again, the city that welcomes the best that is done in the world in Contemporary Textile Art!

Welcome to Guimarães, Territory of Textile Culture.

* PLACES OF MEMORY_Inter-discourses of a textile territory.
The territory and its textile memory provoke new thoughts and new artistic production one wants to rescue from the past, filtering it in the present, contaminating the future.
Understanding the place through its temporal dimension, thinking and rethinking the definitions based on the relations that are established between geographic and identity space, social and political, artistic and aesthetic, of memory and imagination, thus insisting in the idea of place as inhabited space

Through reflective practices about a place or the resignification of a territory, considering and/or removing topias, it may be possible to give way to new discourses. Appropriating the memory, inhabiting the uninhabited, common or individual, the inane becoming alive.