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International Exhibition

The International Exhibition (Competitive) will count on 58 artworks, from 50 artists of 29 countries, selected by the international jury composed by Lala de Dios (curator and professor of History of Art and Textile); Janis Jefferies (curator and Emeritus Professor of Visual Arts); Rosa Godinho (visual and textile artist); Jorge Costa (curator and artistic director); Cláudia Melo, (artistic diretor of Contextile 2020).

CCVF – Palácio Vila Flor

Av. Dom Afonso Henriques, 701

5 september — 25 october

Tuesday to Saturday 10am-1pm | 3pm-6pm

Invited Artist

The biennial has invited the artists Magda Soboń (Poland) and Stephen Schofield (Quebec, Canada) with relevant artistic expression in the field of textile, to exhibit in different locations in the city, with the theme “Places of Memory” as reference.

Magda Soboń


CAAA – Centro para os Assuntos da Arte e da Arquitetura

Rua Padre Augusto Borges de Sá

5 September – 25 October

Monday to Friday — 2.30pm-6pm
Saturday — 3pm-6pm

Stephen Schofield


Convento de Santo António dos Capuchos

Rua Dr. Joaquim de Meira

5 September – 25 October

Tuesday to Saturday
10am-1pm | 2pm-6pm

Artistic Residencies

Following the strategy of cooperation and rapprochement between artists, national and international, the Textile Industry and contemporary textile art, Contextile summoned 8 artists to carry out artistic residencies, chalenging for the conception of projects and production of site specific artistic works.
Angelina Nogueira, Paulina Almeida, Patrícia Geraldes, (Portugal); Magdalena Kleszyńska (Poland); Mylene Boisvert e Michèle Lorrain (Quebec, in partnership with BILP); Julia Gryboś e Barbora Zentková (Czech Republic, in partnership with Magic Carpets platform).

Convento de Santo António dos Capuchos

Rua Dr. Joaquim de Meira​

5 September – 25 October

Tuesday to Saturday
10am-1pm | 2pm-6pm



4 Sessions in 4 Places | This open-air cinema exhibit curated by Luísa Alvão, screenwriter and cinephile, presents a set of films that stimulate a reflection from a dialogue between the textile territory of Vale do Ave with textile industrial universes from other parts of the world.

Jardim da Fraterna

6 September – 9:30pm


11 September – 9:30pm


18 September – 9:30pm

Jardim do Museu Alberto Sampaio

25 September – 9:30pm

Factory: Love and Loss – Awakening the places

Multimedia performance designed by Lithuanian artists Aukse Petruliene and Darius Petrulius, in which the actors (silicone characters) are created from a process of collecting testimonies from the textile community of Guimarães (with mediation by Paula Nogueira), allowing the construction of a narrative from the memory of the textile factory. The music of Pedro Gonçalves Oliveira, Jorge Castro, Simão Neto and Marco Ferreira will accompany the performance.
Project developed in co-production with the program Bairro C / Município de Guimarães.


5 September – 10pm

Multimedia Installation
Encontro Expansão

A multimedia intervention project proposed for the Tanques de Couros,
in Fraterna, created by Joana Fins Faria and Romas Stukenberg of “Artistic Intelligence“. Through a process of co-creation with the community and local institutions,
the project intends to re-establish
the relation of the people with the tanks and their surrounding area, making it a destination in everyday life.Project developed in co-production with the program Bairro C / Município
de Guimarães.

Tanques de Couros

5 September — 25 October

"EMERGÊNCIAS": Education and Textile Creation

Contextile 2020, as in the previous editions, invited artistic schools with disciplines of textile techniques, challenging students (and schools) to the creation and production of textile artworks, which will be presented in an exhibition and installation form. Escola Artística Soares dos Reis, Escola Artística António Arroio, FBAUP, FBAUL, EAUM-LAV.

IDEGUI – Instituto de Design de Guimarães

Rua da Ramada 52

5 September — 25 October

Tuesday to Saturday 10am-1pm | 2pm-6pm


A fundamental part of the biennial’s action, for the framing of textile in the context of contemporary art, focuses in the formal and informal conversation, the reflection and debate of projects and shared ideas. Freely, projects and artistic works are presented and discussed in these TextileTalks. It will be arranged in-person talks, and virtual talks with the artists who are not able to be present.

CCVF – Pequeno Auditório

Av. Dom Afonso Henriques 701

6 — 7 setembro


WORKSHOP “Memory of Paper”

Based on an authorial programme the workshop will give participants the basic knowledge of hand papermaking. The participants will have the opportunity to know and experiment the processes of making paper pulp from recycled paper, cotton textiles and plants fibers.

Casa da Memória – PÁTIO

Av. Conde Margaride 536

8 September

Oriented Visits

They are foreseen a set of oriented and guided visits, with artists and curators, around the exhibitions, destined to artists, schools and the general public.